Rocky Ford Irrigation Company - Minersville, Utah

The blue area in the above graph is the elevation from the dam's emergency spillway at 5505.0 feet to the top of the dam at 5515.0 feet. The bottom of the graph is 5460 feet at which point the reservoir is empty.

Minersville reservoir stores 25,173 acre-feet of water when the water elevation is at the crest of the emergncy spillway at 5505.0 feet.

Flow (dischage) values for the Beaver River upstream from the town of Beaver from USGS. Click on graph to explore data further.

Flow (dischage) values for the Beaver River upstream from Minersville Reservoir, provided by Utah Division of Water Rights. Click on graph to explore data further.

Beaver River Watershed SNOTEL Data

Flat Ditch weir

The Flat Ditch and Utopia Ditch stations' power consists of 8 alkaline D-cells. Fully charged the battery pack is nominally 12V. Fully discharged, the pack would be at 7.2V. The datalogger continues to operate, and collect and store stage height data, at voltages as low as 7VDC. The cellular modem will stop uploading hourly data when the battery pack voltage drops to about 9VDC. You should change the batteries before the voltage drops below 9VDC to insure uninterrupted data transmission. The blue area of the graph highlights the working voltage range of the alkaline battery packs.

Minersville Reservoir power is provided by a 30 Watt solar panel and 100 12VDC AHr deep cycle marine battery. The daily charge/discharge cycle showing higher voltages in the day and lower at night is evident on the graph.

The flume below the reservoir is on it's own solar system with a 10W solar panel and a 12VDC 12AHr AGM battery.

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